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Thursday, August 12, 2010

UTP Soccer League 2010

UTP Soccer League 2010 is an annual event hosted by Rakan Kecergasan SRMUTP in collaboration with Co-curriculum unit UTP. The objective of this tournament is to boost up sport spirit within students and staffs. With such tournament, we can find the best team and highlight few talented players in football arena regardless of local and foreign team. Besides that, this is also of the event that provides a platform for UTP students to showcase their hidden talents. This is parallel with UTP’s mission which is to create well-rounded student, in both academics and non-academics activities.

For this year, there are twenty teams took part in UTP Soccer League 2010. This tournament consists of four groups and five teams per group. Four foreign student group, one staff group and fifteen local student groups. On the 11th February 2010, we had run draw lot ceremony. During this ceremony all teams’ manager, coach and captain came to determine their place in grouping stage. This ceremony was officiated by Mr. Nazri B. Abdul Karim, Senior Executive Co-curiculum unit (Sport and Recreation). The objective of the Drawing Lots Ceremony is to inform the manager of each group about the rules and regulation that have been assigned by the management team.

Since, there are 5 teams inside each group so that there will be approximately 40 match before the quarter final. Quarter Final started on the 16th of April and the teams that qualified to enter the quarter final are Group A; Gen 06 and Diao, Group B; Azzuri and Ace, Group C; Nissa and Galacticos, Group D; Croconile and Facebook.

Final match on the 28th of April 2010 between Facebook FC and Azzuri. Azzuri won against Facebook and make them the champion for the fifth time. The program also received a positive feedback from the participants and also the committee. Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that involved, especially Mr. Badarolzaman bin Ramli and Mr. Nazri bin Abdul Karim for their endless support in ensuring the success of the program

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