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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Karnival Sukan Rakyat

On the 23rd until 25th April 2010, Sekretariat Rakan Muda (SRMUTP) in collaboration with Student Representative Council UTP (SRCUTP) and Kelab Kembara & Rekreasi UTP (KKRUTP) had organized an event called UTP Outdoor Carnival that was held around UTP Main Lake. The Art and Culture Lifestyle which is one of the departments in SRMUTP proposed to organize KARNIVAL SUKAN RAKYAT 2010 as the sub event under UTP Outdoor Carnival 2010. The main objective of this event is to expose and give awareness to UTP community about the pure art and culture of Malaysia.

In order to make the youth realize about the identity of Malaysian art and culture, we are pleased to organize this prestigious event. With the theme of the event “MODERN SPORTS Vs TRADITIONAL SPORTS”, this three days event stands for activities and games in order to give exposure about traditional community games that have been played since our past generation thus describes about the uniqueness and the importance to keep the art and culture for the future generation. This first ever event on traditional games focused on all range of ages including public residence and UTP students itself in order to give them the general views and to expose the importance of conserving the pure culture. With the element of togetherness and caring, the activities and games are combining both modern and traditional such as Galah Panjang, Sepak Raga Ratus, Tarik Upih,Terompah Gergasi, Baling Selipar, Congkak, Fun race and some indoor games .

The first day of this event started at 3.00pm. The activities on this day only focused on several games such as terompah gergasi, baling selipar and indoor games (congkak, carom and chess). The games were held only for fun purposes which were free to all visitors. The crowd on this day was quite small as the weather was not very good and most of the visitors chose to play indoor games only. The event continued on Saturday which started at 8 am with a warm up activities. This event proceeded with the competition of several games like sepak raga ratus, baling selipar and galah panjang. Sepak Raga Ratus is basically depends on how much participants can hold the kicks within a specific time and galah panjang is depends on the skills to run or sneak away from the opponents inside the galah panjang court. While in the baling selipar competition, team with most points after 7 minutes will be the winner as the point will be calculated based on every ‘dead’ members of opponent team and also managed to build the slippers back. Terompah gergasi and tarik upih was held just for fun purpose only for this day. Opening ceremony for UTP Outdoor Carnival was held at 2.30 pm with Mr.Khairuddin, the President of Persatuan Belia Negeri Perak as the guest of honour. We also have special guests from the Rumah Anak Yatim Titian Budi Nurul Huda. After that, some of the children from the Rumah Anak Yatim Titian Budi Nurul Huda and others took part in a colouring competition which is open for kids twelve years old and below. The games for Karnival Sukan Rakyat continued until 7.00pm. The total participants for this day were 6 groups for baling selipar and also for galah panjang while 3 groups participated in sepak raga ratus. Chempedak B team won the baling selipar competition while Pasti Menang group won for the galah panjang competition. During the evening session, there are more crowds compared to the morning session and luckily the crowd can be controlled by the committees. The flow during the third day of the event more or less like the second day. Warm up was conducted by Mr.Ridhzuan Jinal followed by committees and several public residences from Titi Gantong. Next, Fun race which consists of 10 different checkpoints was held during the morning session. 6 teams consists of Ring Ding Dong, Power, 2, Jeno, Chancito and OK participated in this competition. Chancito was the winner for this competition and Power won for special category. During evening, there are 6 teams joined in baling selipar and galah panjang competition. For the baling selipar competition Kuyup team was the 1st winner. During these three days event, the crowd comes from UTP students, staffs and also the public residences around Perak. As this is the first time Karnival Sukan Rakyat was organized in UTP, the crowd that comes to this event were really satisfied.

Event adjourned at 7.00 pm. We are grateful as our event run smoothly as the event got positive feedback from the crowd. Hopefully, the Art and Culture Lifestyle, Sekretariat Rakan Muda will continue on organizing events such as Karnival Sukan Rakyat where students of UTP and public residence will know better on traditional games that are available in Malaysia.

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