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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Netball- UTP League 2010

Netball- UTP League had been held for a month since 27th March 2010 to 25th April 2010 at UTP Netball Court at Sport Complex.23 committee were elected to execute and makes the event successfully achieving the objectives. In this league, 8 teams had been successfully participated which consists of 13 player in a teams. The teams were Team- Team, Tata 06, BTB, E.L.F, Sekoot Liyut, Tech Geek, Chancito, and M.O.X. The event was started with the Draw Lots Night which had been held on 23rd March 2010. The objective for the draw lots was to divide those teams in two groups which were A which consists of Team-Team, Tech Geek, M.O.X while B consists of BTB, E.L.F, Chancito, Sekoot Liyut besides to give some introduction speech and rules briefing. It started at 8.00 pm and ended at about 11.00pm.

First match have been started on 27th March 2010 which was a week after the mid-terms break. The event started at 4.00 pm with the photo shoot session for every teams and end at about 7.00pm. For the first match, the games were done internally among the group which was between group A and B. The groups that won the games on that day were Team-Team, 15 scores against Tata 06, 6 scores, M.O.X strikes 8 goals against 4 goals to Tech Geek. While from B the teams won were 19 goals for E.L.F against Chancito only 1 goal, and BTB won 21 scores against Seekoot Liyut only 7 scores. There were some injuries experience by the players but manage to be control by the Rescue Teams.

Second match have been done on Sunday 4th April 2010 as on Saturday was rain heavily. The games started at 8.00am until 10.00 am as on the Saturday first half game between Team-Team and M.O.X. had been executed and end with 25 - 0. The games continue for the second half and continue with other games which was Tata 06 won 32 scores against Tech Geek did not manage to scores any goals. For B group E.L.F won 9 goals against BTB that scores 7 goals and finally Sekoot Liyut won 21 – 7 against Chancito. The match was perfectly ends at 10.00am.

Third match was a crucial round where which groups will be qualified to go to the semi-final and final. Every team makes a great effort to make them qualified. For the games, Team-Team and E.L.F won majority point for which they were never disappointed them. Followed by the second teams go to the next round which was Tata 06 and BTB. It was a great game on that day. Some of the players experienced from leg cramps and Rescue teams had played their role.

Games was followed by Semi final on 24th April 2010 which was between Team-Team and Tata 06 and E.L.F against BTB, a great games from every team as they try hard to win the games. Finally, Team-Team won against BTB with 35 – 12 scores and E.L.F won against TATA 06 with 26 against 17 scores. That’s means Team-Team and E.L.F would play on the final match to ensure the first place and second place. While for Tata 06 and BTB, they will go to the next round to make sure who was the third and fourth place. Match started at 8.00 am and end at 12.00 pm. Cheerful games where supporters came to support the teams.

Final match of the Netball UTP-League, on 25th April 2010 which started at 8.00 am, as usual the supporters came too to supports the teams. First match was between Tata 06 and BTB. Fierce competition held between them where the two of them have been competing to grab the third place. Finally, BTB won against Tata 06 with 23 – 21 scores and officially BTB was in the third place and Tata 06 was in the fourth place. The second games continue with Team-Team and E.L.F, this game was the games of the day where there was a great competition among them at finally Team-team won against E.L.F with one point ahead which is 15 against 14 scores. Team-Team was officially won the first place in the games and E.L.F was the first runner up. The prizes will be given on the closing ceremony which was on 7th May 2010 at the League dinner.

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