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Monday, April 19, 2010


On 13th of March, Rakan Masyarakat of Sekretariat Rakan Muda Universiti Teknologi Petronas (SRMUTP) had successfully organized Sehari Bersama motivational program at Tamil Tronoh School. It is to provide intense motivation, self-realization and awareness on the importance of education.

The day started at 7.30 a.m. as we arrived at the school. We began with the registration of students at the school’s assembly ground by taking their attendance. The registration was done in about 15 minutes. We proceeded with breakfast which was served at the school’s canteen.

At 8.15 a.m., we had our first session which was the Ice Breaking. The students were asked to sit in a big circle for introduction. They were asked to say their name, year of studies and ambition. We, the facilitators also introduced ourselves during the session. We proceeded to the activity to group up the students into 5 groups. We distributed a set of animal pictures to them. Those students who got the picture with the letter “L” at the back became the group leaders. The group leaders imitated the sound of the animals that matches the picture received.. The rest of the students were asked to close their eyes and move towards the animal sound. Facilitators were in charge of the groups randomly.

Around 8.45 a.m., we started with the first module titled Famous Person. The module was conducted in groups. We had 5 pictures of famous figures of the world. They are Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Tun Mahathir, Abdul Kalam and Dato Samy Vellu. Each facilitator asked questions on the famous figures to the students in group. When students could not answer, the facilitators explained detailed to the students on the figures. The module was to make students to realize the adversity behind success.

At about 9.20 a.m., we continued with the next module entitled Sharing Session 1. We were sharing about our life experiences during school time, the problem faced and how we overcome it. It was the students’ turn to speak. We were able to identify some problems faced by the students.

Morning break was served at 10.00 a.m. at the school canteen. After 20 minutes, we continued with the next module titled Watch My Answer. This game was done between 2 students per time. One student is not allowed to answer yes, no or shake their head. The other students will be asking questions. If the student answering to the question reacts by answering yes, no or shake their head, they are considered lose. The students will be able to focus on whatever they are doing even if they are under pressure.

After the module, we had an activity where random students were asked to show their talent; either dancing or singing. It was done on the students’ willingness. Students were really excited with the activity. All of them wanted to perform in front of the facilitators. We continued with the fourth module titled My Destination. The students were asked to imagine how their future to in 10 to 15 year time. And then, they were told to draw it out in a piece of A4 paper. They were given 20 minutes to show their creativity. Finally, some of the selected students were asked to present their drawing, what is all about, and what measures that they have to take to realize their future. It was conducted until lunch time.

At 1.00p.m., lunch was served at school canteen. After lunch, a game was conducted. Students were supposed to line up in a line of eight. The first in the line was told a story. Then, the student need to tell the person at the back without making any loud voice. The chain goes on until the last person. The last student needs to say the story loudly to everyone. It is to see how efficient information is being passed on. After the activity, the students were brought to the computer lab 4 the next two modules.

About 2.30 p.m., we started with the fifth module entitled Sharing Session 2. For this module, students were sitting in a big group. The facilitators showed the students how the Indian community is in the real world through newspaper cuts. The facilitators shared some real life stories and a video on students fighting. This session was to show the students how their life will turn out if they take the wrong path.

The last module, My Idol was conducted after the sharing session. Here, the facilitators made the students to realize how important parents are in their life and appreciate their parents even more. Some heart warming videos were showed. The facilitators talked heart to heart to the students. A song was played at the end of the session and at the same time, the students were asked to close their eyes and think about their parents.

Coffee break was given after the module. The motivational program ended with a photo shoot session and appreciation at 4.00p.m.

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