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Monday, April 19, 2010

Induction Day 2010

On the 6th and 7th March 2010, Sekretariat Rakan Muda Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (SRMUTP) has organized an event called Induction Day 2010. 24 participants, consisting of SRMUTP’s committees were involved in this event. The main objectives of this event are to educate committee members on management and leadership skills as well as to tighten the relationship between the committee members. This is parallel with UTP’s mission which is to create well-rounded students, achieving success in both academic and non-academic activities. This event was conducted at Kem Rekreasi Intan Suraya, Sungai Siput, Perak.

On the first day, all the participants gathered at V2 café at 11.00am and were briefed about the tentative for these two days. At 11.30 am, the participants departed to Sungai Siput and arrived there by around 1.30pm. After ice-breaking session, all the participants get ready to perform their prayers and preparing the BBQ for dinner. After performing Maghrib and Isyak prayer, the participants enjoyed their simple but meaningful dinner, fried rice with barbecued chicken and hotdog. Approximately at 10.55pm, all of them gathered to be given a short briefing of the night walk activity by the instructor. After warming up, they started their night walk expedition inside Bukit Kerengga jungle for about two hours. Around 1.45am, all the participants gathered back at the camp and rest.

The second day started at 6.30am when the participants woke up to perform Subuh prayer. After that, they had some morning exercise lead by Che Bukhari and then enjoyed their breakfast. At 9.00am, all of them were ready to be briefed by the instructor on their rafting activity today. During the briefing, the participants were also taught on how to build the raft on their own using tube and woods. After the rafts were ready, they proceed to water confident activity as the preparation before rafting. At around 12.30pm, all the activities are completely done and they were having a photography session with the instructor as. After lunch, the participants packed all their belongings and going back to UTP at 3.00pm.

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